Eighty (80) percent of individuals surveyed don’t believe attorneys are affordable or accessible. In fact, less than half of all people experiencing a legal life event used an attorney. Survey participants expected to pay $141 per hour for legal services, less than half of the average ACTUAL cost. Research participants reported they paid more than $1,700 for legal services in 2012 to address their legal woes, a 33% increase from the $1,297 respondents paid in 2007.

70% of Americans have at least one new or ongoing legal issue each year and half of the population doesn’t have a  will. Legal issues can cause stress, which in turn, not only may erode an employee’s health, but also his or her work performance. About half of those whose work performance suffered said there were repercussions, with a poor review cited as the leading result. One respondent who reported that his productivity was down about 50% said “all I could think about were my issues and getting away from work.”