Pursuant to Rule 1-12.1 of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar (Bar Rules),1 522 members in good standing with The Florida Bar (Petitioners) have filed a petition asking the Court to amend Bar Rule 1-7.3(a) (Membership Fees; Membership Fees Requirement) to authorize the Florida Bar Board of Governors to increase annual Bar membership dues in order to provide additional funding to The Legal Aid to the Poor Program of The Florida Bar Foundation.2 We wish to commend Petitioners for bringing this important issue before the Court for consideration—as Petitioners point out, the State of Florida is facing a significant decrease in funding for legal aid and there is an urgent need for new solutions to ensure that every person has equal access to our judicial system. However, because we believe this issue requires further study and a more comprehensive approach, we decline to adopt Petitioners’ proposed amendment at this time.