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Hiil’s Head of Justice Technology Dr Jin Ho Verdonschot was one of The Foundation’s special guests at the national technology preconference The Florida Bar Foundation hosted for Florida attendees.  Bio below


“Through my conversations with people living in most challenging environments, justice and the lack thereof become concrete. Women living in the slums of Dhaka and Cairo shared their justice needs. They told me about how their husbands left them without any financial contribution to raising their children. People from the slums of Nairobi, Kampala and Bamako explained to me how they got forcefully removed from the small plots they occupied for many years. Without receiving compensation that could have helped them to rebuild their lives. Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh shared their stories of how they had to leave everything behind. And how they now only hope for a second chance through their children. In their stories, justice does not appear as a big idea or big words. Justice manifests itself as concrete work that needs to be done. I have seen that we can make justice work. By breaking it down into concrete pieces that we can innovate and make more effective. By using state of the art technology and knowledge. And by showing perseverance and stamina.”

Jin Ho combines expertise from dispute system design, access to justice, UX/UI design, and (online) dispute resolution. He helps courts and other justice sector organisations to update and innovate their procedures and justice processes. For the past 8 years, he has been utilising technology to build better user interfaces for the justice system.


Jin Ho initiated, designed and implemented several IT based justice applications in both the developing as the developed world. He was involved in the development of the microjustice research and innovation program that focused on designing effective justice processes and busines models that serve the poor. Jin Ho had a leading role in studies that developed best practices in dispute resolution in different parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. He is an experienced facilitator of workshops and focus groups with policy makers, legal professionals as well as with end-users. In law school, he modernised the largest Dutch law review, including its circulation and business model.


Before he became a justice technology architect, Jin Ho has both been an entrepreneur and an academic. He started entrepreneuring when he was in primary school, started a business when he was 17 and another one when he was 24. He also worked as an academic for 6 years. Jin Ho's PhD study reflect his deep belief that the justice system can have better user-friendly interfaces. He explored and designed innovative processes for developing sharing rules. These are user-friendly legal rules that guide people on distributive issues.


Jin Ho was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and became a Dutch national through adoption at a young age.