Currently available resources to assist the growing number of self-represented litigants (SRLs) include static information sources on numerous Web sites, in-person help from lawyers, and a confusing array of other assistance from various organizations. Expected funding levels are clearly unable to provide qualified legal assistance to more than a fraction of SRLs. State legal services providers regularly report turning away half of the litigants that request assistance. 

Meanwhile, legal and court processes continue to confuse many SRLs. Research regularly shows that lack of compliance with court processes and orders are due primarily to lack of understanding. At the same time, SRLs are not going to go 

away. To the contrary, they dominate several case types statistically, especially family law and small civil cases. So, courts must do something to address their needs and improve access to justice.

This just part of the report about "litigant Portals" for the full 90 page report on other topic here is the link: Full Report

By: Thomas M. Clarke, Vice President, Research and Technology, National Center for State Courts