1. March 2014 Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law article helpful. CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT RESIDUE AND CY PRES AWARDS: EMERGING PROBLEMS AND PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law, link: 2014 Virginia Journal 

2. Alphabetical list of 18 states with Cy Pres Rules or Statues: CA, CT, HA, IL, IN, KY, LA, ME, MI, MT, NE, NM, NC, OR, PA, SD, TN, WA

3. Oregon report on the current status of statutory class action cy pres provisions in all fifty states, published December 2014, Link: Oregon Report Cy Pres

4. The cy pres rules/statues online:

a. Illinois rule Link: Cy Pres

b. Indiana rule Link: Cy Pres

c. Massachusetts rule Link: Cy Pres

d. Washington rule – attached

e. North Carolina Statute Link: Cy Pres

Information submitted by Melissa Ross, The Florida Bar Foundation.