The Commission on Access to Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico January 2015.

New Mexico’s legal services planning efforts began in 1995 when the New  Mexico State Bar (“State Bar”) asked a group of stakeholders to attend a seminar on the issues facing this state’s civil legal services system. Participants at the seminar recognized that access to justice is the business of more than civil legal services providers and wanted to ensure that lowincome persons would be able to have meaningful access to the civil legal system. The State Bar created a task force to address these issues. The task force proposed a plan to provide all eligible people with appropriate legal services. In 1997, the State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners approved the plan and created the Legal Services and Programs Committee (“LSP Committee”) to replace the task force. The LSP Committee continued the  state planning efforts, refined the definitions of essential services, and studied how best to deliver these essential services.