This 2014-2016 Strategic Plan ("Strategic Plan") of the West Virginia Access to Justice Commission ("Commission") is the first official strategic plan of the Commission and represents a culmination of several years of hard work and effort of a number of leaders and volunteers in the legal community, including members of the judiciary, attorneys, directors, staff, and the general public. Without the efforts of these individuals since the inception of the Commission, this Strategic Plan would not have been possible.

The purpose of this Strategic Plan, as directed by the Administrative Order of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ("Court") that established the Commission, entered on January 29, 2009, and the Administrative Order of the Court that continued the Commission, entered on December 17, 2013, is to set forth a road map which the Commission can use in its mission to support and ensure a statewide, integrated, non-duplicative legal services delivery system, responsive to the access to justice needs of West Virginia citizens identified by the Commission.