By Cristina Llop, Esq.

It is the intent of the Pro Se Subcommittee that this report address current barriers to provide services for self-represented litigants and propose strategies for addressing these barriers, drawing upon expertise developed in other states, while keeping in mind the uniqueness of Alabama’s legal system and culture. For that purpose, this report includes a discussion of the current state of legal services delivery in Alabama, together with a brief overview of efforts to date in addressing self-representation in the state. 

Following a discussion of the unique challenges presented by self-represented litigants and their impact on court operations, and traditional attorney and judiciary roles, this report will offer suggestions for shifting the paradigm of the legal system in Alabama. It will also provide specific recommendations to begin addressing the many aspects of the provision of services to selfrepresented litigants, with an understanding that, given limited resources and nationwide financial crisis, the initial focus will have to be placed on those measures which can be implemented with minimum cost and within existing infrastructure.