The Alaska Supreme Court’s modern interest in addressing the effect of race and ethnicity in the Alaska state courts began more than ten years ago, after representatives of the Alaska Court System and the Alaska Judicial Council attended a 1995 national conference on eliminating race and ethnic bias in state courts. In 1996 the Alaska Supreme Court appointed the Advisory Committee on Fairness and Access and asked it to identify concerns about racial and ethnic bias and make recommendations. The Advisory Committee formed six subcommittees whose members included prominent community members and leaders, legal professionals, and jurists from all over Alaska. The Advisory Committee’s members and subcommittees spent twenty months in 1996 and 1997 investigating racial and ethnic bias issues around the state. The subcommittees then forwarded their written findings and recommendations to the Advisory Committee. The subcommittees’ findings and recommendations covered topics bearing on how ethnicity and race affect those dealing with Alaska’s state courts