The Judicial Crossroads Task Force Access To Justice (ATJ) Committee, appointed in

October 2009, was asked to identify constitutional, statutory, court rule, or other changes that

could be implemented to overcome barriers to access to justice in light of current funding and

other challenges. The committee agreed that overcoming these barriers would require a

system-wide approach; an effective justice system is more than what happens in courts and

entails coordination of efforts by judicial and extra-judicial stakeholders. The committee also

articulated guiding principles as touchstones for its work and identified two overarching

questions: (1) what are the economic and demographic/diversity barriers to access to justice;

and (2) what ongoing methods can be used to facilitate the planning, coordination, and

evaluation of access efforts? The committee identified seven areas of transformation and

impact in response to the first question and proposed creating a Justice Advisory Board for

Access and Fairness to address the second.