Goals for 2004-05: At its annual retreat on May 6-7, 2004, the ATJ Board reviewed a detailed analysis of the progress of the implementation of the Board’s 2003-04 priorities. Based on this analysis, it adopted a new set of goals for 2003-04. Effective July 1, 2004, Columbia Legal Services (CLS) and the Northwest Justice Project (NJP) underwent significant restructuring to accommodate increased client needs and a reduction in funding. The ATJ Board’s annual goals were subsequently modified and expanded to accommodate the loss of state support capacity which had been provided by staff members of CLS and NJP. The ATJ Board developed a comprehensive list of the its goals and the statewide roles and functions which had been supported in part by CLS and NJP, and which appropriately should be sited at the ATJ Board (Tab 7). The need to continue to be able to provide staff support for these roles and functions formed the basis for an August 2004 request to Supreme Court for $300,000 ($600,000 for the biennium) for the ATJ Board, which request was approved by the WSBA