NLP - 2013.09.09 Nonlawyer Practice

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NLP - 2014.01.21 Lori S. Holcomb Memo - Authorized Activity

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NLP - 2014.03.14 New York's Top Judge On Non-Lawyer Legal Assistance

NLP - LegalZoom or IllegalZoom? in North Carolina

NLP - An Access to Justice First: Washington State's Limited Licensing Program for Nonlawyers

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NLP - Washington State Moves Around UPL Using Legal Technicians To Help Close The Justice Gap, ABA Journal, Jan. 1, 2015

NLP - Who says you need a law degree to practice law? - March 13, 2015

Who says you need a law degree to practice law?

NLP - Are Nonlawyer 'Legal Technicians' the Wave of the Future? - March 16, 2015

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NLP - Will California be the next state to allow legal technicians? Bar group calls for pilot program - March 23, 2015

Will California be the next state to allow legal technicians? Bar group calls for pilot program

NLP - The State Bar of California - Civil Justice Strategies Task Force Report & Recommendations - 2015

NLP - Washington Supreme Court Order - March 23, 2015



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NLP - Seven People Pass Test To Become Nation's First Legal Technicians, ABA Journal, June 2, 2015

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